Laminate flooring in the past had a collective stigma within the flooring world and with home-owners of being cheap and poorly constructed. But now laminate floors has made a 180 turn and is now one of the most popular and sought out flooring materials.
Though, what is laminate flooring? It’s nothing like vinyl flooring, and definitely not hardwood flooring.
Let’s breakdown what exactly is laminate flooring.

What Laminate Flooring Is Made Of

Laminate floor consists of four materials.

1. Top Layer of Laminate Flooring

Top layer is called overlay or wear. The overlay layer serves to enhance the appearance of each plank, at the same time it adds to laminate flooring’s durability. The layer seals and protects the surface from everyday wear, like scraps, pet claws, kids, shoes… It also shields the decorative paper from the sun’s UV, which without the overlay may fade the color of the planks.

2. Second Layer of Laminate Flooring

Second layer is called decorative-paper or decor layer. The decor is what brings the plank to life; it is a high-quality printed design. The design is usually a realistic reproduction of wood, stone, or marble and it comes in a many, many colors and patterns.

3. Third Layer of Laminate Flooring

Third layer is high-density fiberboard. The board is made from broken down softwood fibers, combined with a wax resin binder, then formed into panels using heat and pressure.

4. Fourth Layer of Laminate Flooring

The layer is a bottom balancing layer. The bottom layer helps seal the laminate board from moisture. you’ll find planks from several manufacturers that include a foam padding, which eliminates the need for an underlayment.