If you’re a new or a veteran homeowner, your home is probably your biggest asset. So, of course your home will be maintained and serviced for with the utmost care. And ideally, you’ll want to protect everything in your home. Which is why waterproof is such an attractive feature when it comes to flooring.
Water Proof!!! Can you imagine how awesome that would be if it was true!

Let’s get to know the anatomy of waterproof flooring.

Most floor planks are made the same way – layered. Depending on the material (e.g., Vinyl, Laminate, Hardwood), each has their own resistance to water or none at all – looking at you hardwood.
Vinyl and Laminate flooring are a bit more resistant to water. But once water seeps through the creases, water will damage the hydrophilic (fancy name for mixing with water) core. Once the core is exposed to water it will expand, warp and damage the plank.
Waterproof flooring has a secret weapon – its core is what’s waterproof. Albeit, the planks top layer is water-resistant/waterproof adding an outer defense, but if the water passes through the planks’ gaps, you’ll rest easy knowing that the core is 100% waterproof.
And another favorable attribute that waterproof flooring has is that it doesn’t need to acclimate prior to install, making install a breeze for you or the floor installers.
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