At KLC Floors, we get that question a lot. It is a frequent question that we obtain from new homeowners who are wanting to upgrade their floors. We have four tips that can help you with the decision process.

Four tips

There is so much to look at when looking for a new floor. But if you stick to these four tips, you will navigate the waters just fine.

1. Budget- setting an overall budget for your renovation is key to determining what you can and cannot afford. For example, can you afford high-end floors? Or do you want a more modest costing floor? Your budget can tell you quickly where you should look.

2. Requirements- What are your needs for the floor? What room is getting the flooring? Is that room used often? Or seldom? Does it have sunlight? Are there factors about the floor that you must have? Are there any non-negotiables? If you are looking at carpeting, do you want a hypo-allergenic? Stain resistance? A high degree of durability and lifespan?

3. Style- This next step involves your tastes. What do you want the room to look like? How will it fit in with your décor for your house? So you want to pay attention to the color and style of the floor. Your décor may dictate a particular style or floor color.

4. Installation- Finally, find out about the installation of your floor. How long will it take? Will it be necessary to move precious items out of the room before installation? You may want to do that so your things don't get accidentally broken.

We are here to help

KLC Floors is a flooring store in Starke, FL that prides itself on customer service. We value your feedback and want you to be delighted with us. We want to be your flooring company. So let us help you in your search for a new floor, and you won’t be disappointed. Visit our showroom today.