Remember that day when your flooring was installed? How pleased your new flooring made you feel. How proud it made you every time your friends and family complimented on your home’s floor. That new floor completed your home and you.
But if you don’t get that same immediate feeling every time you glance around the house, then your flooring may need a refinish. Has your floor’s luster lost it’s kick? Here’s a quick checklist to see if your flooring may need a refinishing.

What is refinishing floor?

Refinishing flooring simply means to give your flooring’s face a makeover. Refinishing entails sanding the floor surface, staining or coating it with sealer, and finishing the floor with a clear polyurethane coat. It is a good project for the DIYer but if you’re not up for the challenge contact your local flooring installer to help you. Also, don’t refinish engineered hardwood floor unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

Do I Need To Refinish My Floor?

These are the signs that your floor may need a refinish
Drip water onto your floor. If your flooring absorbs the water in a few minutes you just may need a good waxing. But if the water immediately gets absorbed by floor then you will need a refinish.
Are there more scratches and scuffs than there is the floor that you fell in love with?
Is your floor damaged, has some permanent stains?
The need to use area rugs to cover sightly blemishes.
If your flooring is experiencing any of the signs above, you may need to consider refinishing your flooring. It’ll take lots of work to bring back your floor’s luster. But after a well-done makeover, you and your home will once again feel that same giddy feeling.
Photo credit: chatirygirl on Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

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