Imagine walking barefoot across your bedroom and you feel like you’re literally flying on clouds. That’s carpet. It’s wonderful. But some may ask “is carpet the best flooring for Florida homes?”
Yes, it can be.
Let’s break it down and discover how carpet is a good flooring option for Florida living.

Pros on Why Carpet Should Be Used

Carpet in the bedroom

You can’t deny the fact that carpet flooring, especially if it’s the bouncy, high-quality fiber carpet, that it can make every-day stresses just melt away.
Example: You’ve taken a hot shower and you just want to relax on your bed and watch TV. You’re drying off in a warm bathroom, feeling tranquil. A sudden change of temperature drop from someone opening the door can really damper that moment. So can a cold floor! But with carpet, you have an always soft, always right surface temperature that won’t tear you away from how relaxed you are feeling – it only accentuates it.

Carpet in the kid’s room

What’s that nursery rhyme? Three little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped its head – I’m sure the monkeys didn’t have carpet in their room. If they did, they wouldn’t have so many bumps. Carpet is a great safety feature you’ll want your child’s room, especially if your child is as rambunctious as mine.

Cons on Why Carpet Shouldn’t Be Used

Carpet shouldn’t be used where in entryways. This isn’t just for aesthetics it’s purely pragmatic – who really wants to scrub their carpet daily from the dirt and mud that gets tracked into the house?
This should go without saying, but…carpet is not good at all! in bathrooms. Water and carpet do not mix. If you need us to explain, please call our office and we’ll explain why it’s a bad idea, and offer you a better solution for bathroom flooring.
Carpet is perfectly fine for Florida homes, though where you install them in your home is something else.

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