As flooring contractors, we’ve seen and installed floor for many homes in Florida. Our experience allows us to share our wealth of knowledge to our customers – as we, almost daily, suggest to our customers the best flooring for their specific home layout and its locale.
Having seen the good and the “horribly gone wrong” floors, we are confident to select the right flooring for each customers’ needs and wants.
Many of the “horribly gone wrong floors” we’ve seen were due to poorly installed flooring or water / humidity damage. We eliminate these mistakes and future mishaps by leading our customers to quality flooring products that can withstand Florida’s humidity, while installing the flooring the right way – only once!
Common questions from our customers revolve around flooring for Florida’s humidity and then a follow-up with, what’s better: hardwood or vinyl flooring?
Our answer: depends on where in your home you want the flooring.

Flooring In Your Kitchen

As discussed before, hardwood in the kitchen is not advised – but engineered hardwood is. Hardwood is a durable material but it’s an organic product, which means it still can absorb water / moisture, leading to buckling and unsightly damage. Kitchens will experience more water spills and humidity than any other in the home (save from the bathroom). To avoid headaches choose an engineered hardwood flooring, which will minimize absorption or go for waterproof vinyl flooring!

Flooring For Living Room

The living room area doesn’t receive much foot traffic and doesn’t experience the same exposure to moisture / water spills as the bathroom or the kitchen, so choosing the floor for this area is pretty much up to the customer. You can go for traditional hardwood, which will look beautiful, enhancing the room and increasing the value of your home; or they can go vinyl flooring – both products are great for this room. The only thing they need to keep in mind is that they’ll need to select a hardwood or vinyl product that is durable enough so furniture feet won’t make a dent on the flooring surface.

Flooring for Bedrooms

The bedroom in any home receives even less traffic than the living room. So in this area the customer can pretty much select with comfort in mind. Carpet is usually the first choice with customers when they think of comfort, but the majority of customers tend to go with aesthetics and choose hardwood and vinyl floor for the bedroom.

Flooring for Dining Room

The dining area receives a good amount of traffic as this is a room where people gather. Customers will want to choose a flooring that will withstand foot traffic, chair pulling, a possible wine spillage, the common occurrences that is potentially harmful to flooring surfaces.
When you have narrowed down your choices of flooring with moisture in mind then you should choose with foot-traffic in mind – will this withstand foot-traffic in the years to come?
Selecting flooring that is durable should always be in the forefront of decision making in areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen, as this is the type of flooring that won’t leave a dent because of furniture / kitchen appliance weight.

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