Mold in any form isn’t something you want to hear, especially when it comes to your home. Carpet mold is a real thing folks – it’s terrible for you and your family’s health, and it’s just dang gross, smelly, icky (I can go on with the adjectives but it won’t convey the disgust we have for carpet mold).
Mold loves Florida and the weather in Florida, pretty much any part of Florida, is very humid. Mold actually is sprouted in damp, humid areas – it’s in these areas that mold flourishes. So if you’re home isn’t sealed properly or has just experienced a flooding expect some kind of mold build-up.
But luckily mold in the carpet is very preventable. Here a few steps on how to prevent mold from building up on your carpet.

Prevent Carpet Mold

Keep Carpet Clean

Along with humidity, another factor to mold on carpet is dirt.
Researchers testing on mold found that dirt, more than humidity, contributed to mold growth. (source)
So, plain and simple, keep your carpets clean. If a train of muddy shoes have tracked across your living room, clean it up quick. You don’t want leftover dirt to draw in humidity to later cause mold.
Side Tip: Tell visitors and family members to take off their shows before entering carpeted areas.

Keep Home Cool

Humidity levels increase with warm (hot) temperatures. Tame humidity levels in your home by lowering the temperature of your air-conditioning thermostat; cooler temperatures prevent any chance of mold growth. The bad side to this is that your electrical bill will increase, and if you live in Florida, brace yourself for that summer bill.

Use Synthetic Carpet Material

Carpet fibers that are organic (e.g., wool) are more prone to attract mold. Synthetic materials like nylon and olefin reduce this attraction.
By following these tips mold growth on your carpet and around your home will be reduced by half.
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