Aside from sunny weather all year round, Florida is known for its humidity. Florida visitors and natives can contest to that; the peninsula is surrounded by water – there’s no escaping it, Florida is destined for eternal humidity…but that doesn’t stop Floridians to buy quality flooring (had to tie flooring in – it’s a flooring website of course! not the weather channel) products that would withstand Florida’s moisture levels.

How Humid is Florida?

Compared to all 50 states in the US, Florida is the most humid state in the nation (according to a study from FSU). Humidity levels can reach up to 90% during the day – that’s humid! So that being said it is best to think wisely before installing flooring to your home or office.

Best Flooring for Florida Weather

Choosing the best flooring to withstand high humidity levels is key to saving money and keeping a beautiful floor for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring – Not the best

The hardwood look is a desirable home feature. Imagine wood flooring from the front door leading all the way to the pool – that’s classic Florida lifestyle. Though, hardwood flooring is expensive to repair – which is bound to happen with Florida’s humidity. High-moisture can lead to rot and mold. But luckily there are alternative flooring material

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is real wood, but only on the surface – keeping true to the hardwood look. Engineered flooring has real wood at top layer and particle wood underneath – engineered wood is created to resist high-moisture. Another plus, engineered wood is harder than real hardwood because of the acrylics added to it when manufactured. Engineered hardwood flooring does not expand or move due to humidity.

Laminated Wood

Another popular flooring option in Florida is laminated wood flooring. Laminated is synthetic, there are no natural components to it. Though the feel of laminated feel does feel like hardwood. Laminate wood flooring is resistant to moisture, and this type of flooring does not move or expand when in contact with moisture, which makes it great for Florida weather.

Wood Porcelain Tile

Another great option for flooring in Florida’s high-moisture climate is wood porcelain tiles. These tiles resemble wood planks. They can be laid on a concrete base and the grout spacing is thin. Wood porcelain tiles require little to no maintenance. And repair, if needed, is easier because individual tiles can be removed and replaced rather than the whole flooring on other flooring systems.

Vinyl Flooring

Lastly, we advise a vinyl flooring for those high-moisture areas. Vinyl flooring is resistant to humidity and it comes in different styles: tiles, planks, and sheets. Maintenance depends on the type you choose.

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